Jigs & Fixtures

  • Workholding fixtures for CNC machining centers resulting in higher production, reduction in scrap and savings in labor costs by foolproofing processes.
  • Tool guiding jigs to increase productivity or add a new capability.
  • Jaws, clamps and other custom components in robotic assemblies or other automated manufacturing techniques.

Machine Building

  • Machines designed specific to your process - with estimates of improvements in cycle time and projections of cost savings over time.
  • Manufacture and assembly of machine builds are done entirely in-house - lessening lead time and ensuring a proper working system.
  • Economic production of power transmission parts facilitates machine builds.

Tool & Gagemaking

  • Solutions for in-process verfication of dimensions.
  • Gages to simplify common shop procedures (such as tool setting devices).
  • Gages to measure otherwise difficult or impossible to inspect features.
  • Unique metrology equipment permits sensitive gagemaking operations and proofing.


mating internal & external helical splined parts


finished outer helical spline driver


finished outer helical spline driver

United States Based Toolroom Services

place that makes small machines for automationIndustrial Jig & Fixture LLC is built upon offering the finest toolroom services available. The original tenet of the toolroom was to support the manufacturing floor by offering the service of producing jigs and fixtures for faster production cycle time and greater productivity. The creation of specialized cutting tools and the jigs to which these are presented to the workpieces. As well as aiding in the construction of, or complete construction of automated machines for production processes. We offer these low-volume or one-off assembly services to fill the void of the missing toolroom in today's production environment. Including the following...

Custom machines for automation and increased production can be produced entirely in-house - bringing your project from conception to working solution installed in your facility. Small machine builds offer productivity by reducing cycle times, eliminating error and increasing uniformity while lowering costs by reducing personnel requirements.

Effective gaging ensures uniformity of features across a production run - cutting cost by lessening the time it takes to measure a feature and the requirements upon the inspector or operator by foolproofing their duties. With a full grinding department capable of sharpening or developing custom tooling for various machining operations and an inspection department able to identify intricate and minute geometry.

Effective jigs, fixturing and gaging can dramatically increase productivity in any lot size given the nature of the work. We position our shop to be particularly tailored to accomplish this discipline of work efficiently.

Machining of molds, dies or patterns for usage in production of formed or cast parts. From simple press brake tooling and custom stamps to injection molds or die-cast molds. The ability to offer custom forms, angles, grooves and radii without expensive tooling or slow automated processes allows us to project favorable in an ability to quote on similar jobs.

Short run production of components aspiring to provide quick turn around time when necessary to accommodate busy production shops. Or, to provide an economical solution to a manufacturer - particularly when numerous operations are to be performed when, typically, they would have to be sent to separate vendors, can now be done entirely in-house.

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