Complete Prototyping Services

  • Ability to machine virutally any geometric feature: can accomdate experimental part features without sacrificing design & function of your assembly to pacify manufacturing abilities
  • Complex features otherwise die-cast or rapid-prototyped can be machined billet at less cost with greater accuracy
  • Vastly greater geometric control, ability and integrity than any 3D-printing, wajertjet or rapid prototyping process.


custom made parts from 7068 aluminum


Prototypes for the medical industry


development & engineering of prototypes


form cutter grinding services

Faster & More Efficient Methods

  • All operations performed in-house: eliminating confusion, shipping delays and costly second-ops.
  • Facilities & processes purpose engineered to perform prototyping & small machine builds.
  • Ability to develop custom needs tooling in-house: adapting to meet design changes or facilitate production requirements


Need an experimental assembly? Perhaps a working prototype that may beget a product line? Industrial Jig & Fixture is particularly suited for this type of work. Our capability to produce intricate and complex geometric forms economically, and with a number of different setups or procedures means that we can adapt to alterations in design, producing several working prototypes for experimentation and further engineering. Eliminating confusion resulting from multiple vendors when design alterations may need be employed at any stage throughout the process.

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