Elliot / Victoria U1 Universal Mill

B Elliot Victoria U1 Universal Mill
  • 4-Axis controlled movement
  • Lead attachment for production of helical forms


Van Norman #26 Horizontal/Vertical

Large Van Norman milling machine in use
  • Large capacity, #50 taper heavy spindle
  • Angular adjustment from vertial to full horizontal


Kearney & Trecker 2D Rotary Head Tool & Die Mill

K&T 2D Rotary Head Tool and Die Mill in use
  • Rotary offset in two perpendicular axis
  • Easy production of complex radii and cherrying operations


Brown & Sharpe Omniversal Mill

Brown & Sharpe #0 Omniversal Milling Machine
  • Total 9-Axis independant controlled adjusments
  • Most versatile experimental & toolroom operation machine


Fray 10R All Angle Milling Machine

Fray All Angle Milling Machine Manual Specifications Use
  • 3-Axis head doubles capability over knee mill
  • "All Angle" design limitless for angular milling/drilling/boring




Gould & Eberhardt 24" Toolroom Universal Shaper

G&E Toolroom Shaper
  • Easy replication of any form across linear surface
  • Universal table permits compound angular work


Pratt & Whitney B 12" Vertical Shaper

Brown & Sharpe #0 Omniversal Milling Machine
  • Large capacity slotter
  • 0 to 7 Degree draft capability


Gorton P2-3 3-Dimensional Pantograph

Gorton P2-3 Pantomill
  • Scaled reproduction of any organic form
  • Simplifies production of highly complex shapes


Deckel KF-12 Duplicator

Deckel KF 12 Duplicating & Copy Mill
  • 1:1 Duplication of any organic form
  • Simplifies recreation of complex shapes based off sample






Kearney & Trecker Autometric Horizontal Jig Borer

Brown & Sharpe #0 Omniversal Milling Machine
  • .0001 Controlled accuracy on jigmill operations
  • Up to 16" line boring capacity


Moore #1 Vertical Jig Borer

Moore #1 Jig Boring Machine
  • High-class drilling, boring & reaming machine
  • .0001" Accuracy in 10"x16" travel capacity


Fosdick 4' Radial Drill

Brown & Sharpe #0 Omniversal Milling Machine
  • 4 Feet of arm (throat) capacity
  • 11" Column for heavy drilling work


Rottler NACV Boring Bar

Boring a block on a rottler NACV bar
  • Greatly simplifies all thru-bored operations
  • Economical boring of engine cylinders






Monarch 12CK Toolmaker's Lathe

Fully rebuilt Monarch 12CK Toolroom Lathe
  • Fully rebuilt (2009) & refined toolroom class lathe
  • Multiple chucks & rests permit all classes of turning


Rogers Perfect 36" Vertical Turret Lathe

Brown & Sharpe #0 Omniversal Milling Machine
  • Large diameter capacity lathe at full 36"
  • Angle adjustable turret for external & internal tapers


Grizzly G9729 Bench Lathe

Grizzly G9729 lathe mill drill how is it like
  • 16" swing by 31" between centers capacity
  • Economical bench & second-op turning


K.O. Lee S714 Surface Grinder

K.O. Lee S714 surface grinder operation manual
  • 7" x 14" travel capacity
  • Simplifies accurate surfacing of hardened materials


Cincinnati #1 Tool & Cutter Grinder

Cincinnati #1 Tool and Cutter Grinder
  • Full tool sharpening capabilities
  • Universal nature permits multiple setups for grinding & sharpening


Sioux Valve & Seat Grinder

Sioux Seat Grinding Machine
  • Grinding of small parts & engine valves
  • Valve seat resurfacing


Sunnen MBB-1650 Industrial Hone

Sunnen MBB 1650 Precision Honing Machine
  • Extremely accuract hole sizing capabilities from .060" to 6"
  • Permits finishing and geometric truth of hardened holes






Jones & Lamson Optical Comparator

J&L Shadowgraph charts & tooling
  • Inspection of all types of irregular forms
  • Simplifies thread, spline & gear tooth inspection


Vinco HD Optical Dividing Head

Brown & Sharpe #0 Omniversal Milling Machine
  • "World's most accuracte dividing head"
  • Permits all types of spacing & angular inspection


Bausch & Lomb Toolmaker's Microscope

Bausch & Lomb Toolmaker's Microscope Manual
  • Inspection of intricate detail to resolution of .0001"
  • Angular movements inspect geomtric relationship between features


Rockwell Hardness Tester

HR150a Rockwell Hardness Tester
  • Hardness testing on B & C scales
  • Equipped with all anvils for accepting multiple specimen types


Pratt & Whitney C Super Micrometer

PW Model C Supermicrometer
  • Calibration class micrometer
  • Inspection to .0001" over 8" of travel length


Support Inspection

Brown & Sharpe #0 Omniversal Milling Machine
  • Granite surface plates & small support items
  • Micrometer readings up to 36" capacity


All of our machine tools have been upgraded, repaired or rebuilt to the necessary standards in order to acheive our desired level of accuracy, repeatability and functionality; including the truing of bearing surfaces and their geometric relationship with respect to each other. The machines, accessories and inspection tools are regularly maintained and calibrated to ensure efficient usage. We are continually looking to improve our facilities and methods, while maintaining upkeep of machine tools and proper calibration of inspection instruments. This is of chief priority in offering economic and efficient services. Excessive overhead or additional tooling charges are eliminated through a committment to maintenance and our vast stock of tooling and special purpose inspection equipment and accsessories - ensuring that jobs are ready to be accomplished as they come in the door - not having to bill a customer for purchases and suffer lead times waiting for machinery or tooling. The individual pages above document our primary machine tools and supplementary instruments. As much as possible capacities are listed, but please enquire about capacity on your specific needs per operation. This listing should aid the engineer in sourcing his work and the purchaser in understanding the unique features and economic gains offered by our unique tool room services.

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