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N.W. corner of Wisconsin
Central Time Zone

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Industrial Jig & Fixture LLC.
N13948 Three Mile Rd.
Minong, WI 54859

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Located in Northwestern Wisconsin, approximately 150 miles north of the Twin Cities of Minnesota; serving customers throughout the United States. We offer nationwide shipping services and immediate contact via phone or e-mail to bridge any logistical gap. E-mail response always within 24 hours, we strive to offer timely quotations to anyone seeking machining services.

RFQ's may be submitted by e-mail or by telephone. Quotations will be timely provided given sufficient information, please be as detailed as possible to lay out specifications for the job as this is in the best interest of all parties involved. Engineering drawings or CAD models may be received through our e-mail address as attachments or mailed if necessary (see address above). If you do not have such detailed information, we can assist with engineering via e-mail or telephone; or when provided with a sample part.


PAYMENTS ACCEPTED - Cash, business or personal check, PayPal, credit card (invoiced via PayPal no account needed). PayPal or credit card payments are subject to additional 3.5% fee. We reserve the right to hold products until confirmation of valid check is made with the bank.

EXCEPTIONS - We are willing to accomodate procedures outside of the above terms if mutually agreed upon beforehand. However, if no special terms are discussed, we will default to the above protocol.

We are happy to provide tracking numbers if applicable when requested or to present pictures of products via e-mail upon completion. Experimental, prototype or other work at request of the customer will remain in full confidentiality.

Industrial Jig & Fixture LLC.
Minong, WI USA Machine shop serving customers nationwide.
Contact @ 1-715-718-3671
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