Internal Splining Capabilities

  • Up to 24" form distance capacity in internal operations for many instances.
  • Ability to machine features on very large part sizes.
  • Custom tooling developed in-house for non-common types.
  • Faster, less cost and greater capabilities than with EDM.
  • More economical and full control of dimensioning as opposed to broaching methods.


Can produce internal SAE 4 6 or 10 spline hubs


broaching splines in low numbers


machining inside keyways on a shaper


3/4-48 J500 Serration internal

Other Interior Features Machined

  • Internal keyways from tiny to extremely large sizes.
  • Tapered keyways
  • Serrations
  • Square holes and other custom shapes.
  • Helical and spiral features
  • Grooves (for oil pathways or helical grooves for controlled motion).

Form Types Machined (ext. or int.)

  • Involute splines (ISO, ANSI, etc.)
  • Metric module types (DIN, etc.)
  • SAE splines (4, 6, 10) & other parallel / straight sided types
  • Serrations (SAE J500, etc.)
  • Custom forms or outdated standards

  • All of which may machined in a blind hole or to a blind stop!


place that machines replacement splined shafts

Unique Abilities

  • Can machine both external splined shafts or internal hubs.
  • Economical in low volume or one-off production: no minimum qty's!
  • Greater capability & geometric control than production hobbing, edm or shaping operations.
  • Can produce part if given mating component for sample in cases where engineering is missing/unknown.

Internally splined parts and keyway broaching

Ability to machine all types of formed features on both external or internal forms. Unique machinery, tooling and our custom developed and refined processes for production of these features allow us to offer exceptional services that are unmatched nationwide on these operations. Examples of applications for these features include; production or replacement splined shafts, internal features for gears, sprockets or pulleys, extrusion dies, timing devices, integral (billet machined) drivers for power transmission.

We beat broaching with unique services that save you tremendously on short production runs or one of a kind parts. With unmatched ability to machine extra long internal keyways or spline inside of blind holes in all types of alloys. Does not matter if ANSI, SAE, J500 serratated holes or unknown standards with no engineering data; we can determine your needs based on print, sketch or having samples in hand when no other data is available.

If feature geometry is lacking or missing, we can produce parts given a mating sample (via in-house reverse engineering) or to produce to full standard specs from our catalogs of standards both past and present.

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