One-Off Machining Service

  • We make performance custom machining of all geometry types economical and timely.
  • Holding tighter tolerances and giving personal design preference versus production made parts.
  • No design limitations: we don't punish you for complex or unusual geometry, these operations are performed economically and entirely in-house.
  • Ability to make parts otherwise unavailable, outdated or unproducable by common job-shop methods.

Job-Tailored Processes

  • We have the unique facilities to be able to perform all operations on equipment specialized to that process: which means no lengthy setup or programming to tool a generic machine up just for one job or operation.
  • This saves time, money and the job is done correctly via an engineering process actually designed to handle the job: not cobbled together to make do.
  • An array of custom built fixtures and tooling means we can perform this operations faster and with greater control than any other because we have purpose-built our operation to perform nothing but toolroom-type services.


How a one-off made part is manufactured


cnc billet made parts for snowmobile performance racing


belt drive conversion kits for vintage snowmobile racing

Custom Made Snowmobile Parts

  • Custom sprockets, gears & belt drive conversion kits for snowmobiles
  • Splined shafts, track shafts, jackshafts and driveshafts for any sled; vintage or modern.
  • Ability to reproduce ANY part when given dimensions or a sample piece - even if worn or damaged.


makes custom made auto parts for car or truck


Surfacing blocks on Ford Chevy Dodge and more

Billet Machined Auto Parts for Performance or Restoration

  • Cylinder boring of all engine types.
  • Valve & valve seat grinding services.
  • Precision honing of connecting rods, wristpins and more.
  • Remanufacturing of impossible to get parts for rare and vintage cars or trucks.

Most capable, most practical custom machining services in the U.S.

Our facilities are built on the mission of being the finest toolroom service provider available. The key component of toolroom work is being able to perform ANY machining operation that is presented efficiently and economically. Because we are uniquely tooled to handle low volume, or one-off parts orders in a huge range of disciplines and geometry types: we are in a truely unique position to offer custom machining services to all serious hobbyiests and enthusiasts of automotive, powersports, mechanical and engineering fields.

Because we are enthusiasts ourselves, we enjoy working with individuals across the nation who are looking to have custom made parts for performance applications or collectors and restorers who are in need of replacement parts that are now impossible to source - or that have outdated classes of geometry that no job-shop has the ability to recreate. We employ various reverse engineering techniques and have the ability to perform full in-house cutter grinding: we can develop the tooling and processes to machine the most challenging of operations.

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