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Industrial Jig & Fixture
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Services / Capabilities

Capable of producting virtually any geometric feature in all types of alloys and various other materials. We serve numerous industries throughout the United States who require low volume or one-off machined parts. We can perform all operations entiretly in-house or quote second-op needs.

machine prototypes for inventors

Prototype Machining

Unique capability to take your conception from design to functional product. We offer uniquely economical means for producing complex parts or assemblies in limited quantity or for one-off prototyping.

billet machined custom parts

Custom Machining

One-off or replacement parts for out of service life equipment, replication of old standards, machined parts for racing or collectible automobiles, snowmobiles and other recreational vehicles.

can cut internal splines and keyways

Internal Splines

One of the only shops nationwide to provide low volume solutions for all thru-hole or blind hole splines, keyways, serrations, etc. Able to produce or replicate any form.

replacement gears custom made

Custom Gear Cutting

Unparralled solutions for low volume gear & sprocket production: spur, helical, spiral, worm and other gear types. Can produce given engineering data or reverse engineer from a provided sample.

that machines helical gears

Spiral & Helical Forms

Ability to translate any geometric form across all leads; producing helices or spiral forms - both on external or internal; round or partially rounded surfaces including gears, springs, multi-start threads, etc.

5-axis cnc machining

Multi Axis Milling

Facilities equipped to machine virtually any geometric form, including multiple radii blends, cherrying operations, cavity forms, spherical and conical shapes: exceeding in capability 5-axis techniques.

pantograph & duplicating services

Engraving & Duplicating

Number, letter, text and full logo / custom designs can be engraved into all types of metals. Full 3-dimensional duplicating services when provided with a sample part, or used as a process for short-run production of highly complex organic-shaped parts.

tool room machinist service

Equipment List

The most comprehensive collection of specialized toolroom machinery in the nation. Each machine tool is purpose-built to perform unique engineering functions; and in most cases have been designed solely for the purpose of advanced, limited production number machining operations.

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About Us

Click to learn in detail why Industrial Jig & Fixture offers truly unique capabilities in terms of overall precision, performance and economy. We have developed this unique strategy to fill the voided needs of those seeking quality, capable, low volume machining services.

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Toolroom Services

Understanding the principles behind efficient low volume or one-off production of complex parts.